Friday, 19 December 2014

Lavender Hill - Term 7, Week 10

Before I new it the term was over. This was my last Saturday morning class and I really enjoyed myself doing this portrait.

2 hours

Lavender Hill - Term 7, Week 9 & 10

Monday evening - 5 hours

Yet again I was very challenged early on with the initial blocking in of this pose due to the diagonal.  My teacher put me back on the right track.  Quite pleased with how it was going although I do feel now that the head looks a little small.

Lavender Hill - Term 7, Week 7 & 8

Week 7 - Monday evening class 

Week 8 - Monday evening class
5 hours in total

Week 7 - Saturday morning class
Close up

Week 8 - Saturday morning class
5 hours in total.

I was pleased with how this was going. I started to use fusain charcoal to do the finer detail which really helped softly build up areas. I ran out of time before I could finish the head so I did just dash in some details.

Lavender Hill - Term 7, Week 6

This is a Monday evening class drawing.

 2 hours

Lavender Hill - Term 7, Week 4 & 5

 Monday evening - Week 4

Monday evening - Week 5
5 hours in total

Saturday morning - Week 4

Saturday morning - Week 5
5 hours in total. 

I didn't really know where I was going with this one with the rendering. There were a lot of middle tone areas and I became easily confused and ended up being far to tentative. It was a great pose though and this model was straight of the cat walk.

Lavender Hill - Term 7, Week 3

This is another Saturday morning class drawing which really challenged me. I struggled with the diagonal angle of the pose and found it difficult to get the proportions right. Not a pretty drawing but I am always pleased to address my weak areas and this is one.

2 hours

Lavender Hill - Term 7, Week 2

I had the opportunity to attend Saturday morning classes this term which has been great.

2 hours

Lavender Hill - Term 7

So yet another term has already come to an end.  Here is how I started the term. Drawings from Week 1 and 2 Monday evenings class. These range from 10 - 40 mins.