About Me

I wasn't one of those kids who drew from an early age and did little drawing that I can actually remember.  I loved colouring books and making things like covering objects in paper mache or creating woollen pom-poms from my Mum's leftover wool but nothing that really marked me out as destined to be an artist. 

My interest in creating and design carried on though and at the tender age of 16, whilst attending a Graphic Design course, one of the teachers told me that I didn't have any talent for drawing and not to expect too much. He told me I would get by in Graphic Design but would never be a good artist.  I still remember at that age how embarrassed I felt about my drawing and his comment had the devastating effect of making me want to stop trying altogether.

Despite this I continued on to a design related job in advertising but my desire and passion to be able to draw never stopped. I did everything possible I could to be creative without the actual need to draw.

I was always looking for that one art book that was going to tell me I could draw but even as my library of art books and magazines grew I could never find it.  Occasionally, I would pick up a pencil and try but the results only confirmed what I had been told although my dreams and interest still remained.

As access to the internet became widespread I was able to enlarge my search wider until eventually I came across the answer and proof that I had been looking for:  I could learn to draw and I didn't need to be talented. 

I was just coming up to 40 when this revelation struck.  From that moment I have tried to make drawing an everyday part of my life and after nearly four years this blog is to be a continuation of my journey.

I hope that this  will encourage someone who has the desire, heart and passion to draw to realise that it is possible for anyone to be able to improve their drawing skills. It doesn't take talent just a life-long commitment and a strong resolve to succeed.