Monday, 15 July 2013

Lavender Hill - Term 3, Week 9

We started out drawing a cast of a flayed man which was full of detail. My teacher stressed that we should approach this in just the same way looking for those big shapes first to get the proportions and gesture.  I then had to think about simplifying the tone by thinking of planes. Every plane change equals a tonal change but first we need to mass in the large shapes of tone before going into details.  I really got into the drawing of this but I am still struggling to see the tones.

The cast we were drawing.

Charcoal on brown packing paper

 For the last part of class we went onto the figure side.  I managed to get down the pose and basic shadow shapes.  My teacher quickly smudged some tone over the arm to show it was in front.  Made quite a big difference to my drawing.

 Charcoal on brown packing paper