Sunday, 4 January 2015

Sculpture 2014 - Term 1

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to do a full days sculpting at Lavender Hill studios last year. Ever since my first attempt at sculpting I have been keen to do more so this has been really exciting for me.

Term 1- My first challenge was to copy this cast. Straight away our teacher pointed out the we were going to flat and not getting the height of the ribs created by the arch in the back. 

Term 1 - This was a 5 week pose averaging about 4 hours sculpting a day. Again I failed at first to get the height of the ribs from the arch in the back. This has been a good lesson to learn as I rarely get to see and draw laying poses of this nature.

Term 1 - This was a 4 hour attempt to quickly block in a head from the life model.

At the end of this first term we moved into a new sculpture studio which is a great space to work in. Here I took the quick head and began to turn it into a skull.  I couldn't help think that it was turning into an orc from Lord of the Rings.

During the summer holiday break I did a one week sculpture course at Lavender Hill studios. I was asked to just help out with those who were new to the studios and I really enjoyed this. We spent the first three days working on a copy of the skull cast. Which I finished off when we went back for Term 2. The clay had dried out quite a bit so I took it as far as I could. I really enjoyed the challenge of doing the teeth.

The last two days of the July course were spent doing a quarter size portrait, which I found very challenging due to the scale but also this is the first portrait I have sculpted from a life model and it felt very invasive to approach the model with the callipers. She was fine but I obviously need to work on this.  Not the best likeness but for me it is all about trying and seeing what happens. I try not to let the fear of failure stop me from trying as this is how I learn.