Saturday, 14 February 2015

Simon Lee Workshop - Week 3

The homework for Week 3 was to sculpt a very small humanoid head. I found this very challenging which is why it ended up taking me a few days to do. At first I kept squashing areas I had already sculpted but I found that if I let the clay get quite hard it was easier to work at this scale. Symmetry was also a big issue for me and something to work on as I progress.

I started of just aiming to do a skull but then I liked the idea of the dropped jaw, and arched menacing brows which made the sculpting even more fiddly for me. What fun though, I just kept at it and I was quite pleased to get to this stage as this skull is only 2" high. Next I have to sculpt my head for my maquette which is about half the size of this one, so it is going to be even more challenging. Simon recommends you do at least 10 heads before you get comfortable with the process.